I am 70 years old and my wife is 57. Neither of us has any health problems, though I have been taking the lowest dose of tablets for hypertension for the last five years.

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All the members of the Bangalore expat club are invited to join in , meet each other and make new friends at the launch of Tipsy Bull , Koramangala. Drinks and snacks are on the house, If you’d like to bring guests who are not members of the group.

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24-09-2008  · As for me, my saving grace is reading the Mumbai Mirror’s daily “Ask the Sexpert” column. More than obscenely cheap generic pharmaceuticals or thrice-weekly maid visits at the tune of $1.50/hour, it’s the column that makes living here worthwhile.

The Times Of India daily ePaper – Watch digital ePaper of India from around the world. Read Time(s) Mar 05 2017 : Mirror (Bangalore) ASK THE SEXPERT DR MAHINDER WATSA   1 I am a 32-year-old man. I have cuts on the tip of my foreskin just where it is attached to my penis.Although they appear to have healed, the part around it is still sore. Also, I am not able to pull back my foreskin fully. This is.

Consulting a sexpert may help the situation. You need an examination to check whether there is a neurological problem. I am sure you will get back to normal soon. 3 I am 18 years old. Even after urinating, urine continues to leak from my penis. I have noticed a couple of brown-coloured patches around the tip of my penis as well. Are the two.

19-11-2014  · Of course you know who Dr. Mahinder Watsa is! Those who don’t, please Google him right away, we’ll wait.

. So now that ALL you guys know who he is, I decided to make my contribution to MissMalini‘s sex and romance section by making a list of some of the gems we read every day in the Mumbai Mirror regarding sex! Seriously, some of them are twisted as f*&k; that’s why you know you.

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Cuddle Sex Next week, we’ll be bound for the largest consumer electronics showcase of the season. CES starts on January 7 in Las Vegas, Aftercare activities commonly include: A dominant bringing their sub some water, caring for