According to industry studies of the Indian retail fitness services market, there are six million active users in India who.

Experts bullish about India’s housing finance industry, say demand is growing – To discuss the prevailing conditions, immediate challenges and the prospects of growth in mid and long-term housing demand,

The mid-cap index tracks companies with a market value that is, on an average, one-fifth of bluechips or large firms.

In other words, the next 50 level was on average 2.56 times the Nifty level in the past five years.

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Its investment philosophy would be to enter at an early stage with an average investment size of INR 3-5 Cr. and follow on.

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We think social commerce will track a similar trajectory in India and could account for 15% to 20% of online retail in India.

Sterling & Wilson Solar raised Rs 2,850 crore through the IPO against the year’s average issue size of Rs 773 crore, showed a.