She was an absolute dreamboat and Ivy fell madly in love with her – she even said to her ‘Aunty Michelle, I love you more than I love my Mummy’, little.

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When A Lady Says "I’m Not Ready To Suffer A Second Time" – Romance – Nairaland – Now it’s time for sex, she says to the guy to put on the condom.

However,this doesn’t mean she should sit down and wait for a rich man to marry her off,aunty should get something doing too do that.

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Hot aunt having affair with her nephew.What Not to Say to Your Queer Relatives During the Holidays – “Make sure that you have safe sex and get tested every month.” One thing I’ve learned from my homophobic relatives: Apparently, only queer people can contract STDs and spread them. Seriously, grow up.

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Remember to live life to the max because I want the best for my little girl. Love you loads always and forever.

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